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This course explores writing as and about performance art as a creative practice. It is aimed at practitioners who use writing as part of their work, as well as those who need inspiration when writing about their own, or another artist's work. Through a series of structured discussions and a number of writing tasks, we will experiment with how to write as/about/alongside performance art - your own or someone else's. As a starting point, we will explore a range of different kinds of writing, including performative writing (Hannah, Black, Tim Etchells, Tracy Mackenna), site-writing (Jane Rendell), art writing (Maddee Clark, Lorraine O'Grady), and auto-ethnography (Unoma Azuah, Mary E. Weems). We will think about how we might use writing not only to document live work but to invent in further. We will explore what might come first: the performance or the text, body or language. We will experiment with form and content. We will explore relationships between text-based work and other media and discourses. The overarching aim of the course is to inspire students to get writing as part of their own practice in innovative and generative ways .



About Emily Orley

Emily Orley is an artist, writer, and educator based in London. Her work includes performance, video, installation, and hybrid modes of writing. She has published many chapters and articles that explore and enact practices of creative-critical writing. She also co-edited The Creative Critic: Writing As/About Practice with Routledge in 2018. Her research interests often revolve around ideas to do with memory, maintenance, and enchantment, and un-fixing notions of time, heritage, and place. Always open to new forms of experimentation, nothing inspires her more than lively discussions, new encounters, and unlikely assemblages. As a practitioner-researcher, she is a firm believer in breaking down the false binaries that separate practice and theory, making and thinking and writing about making.
More information about Emily and her work can be found at www.emilyorley.com.



AVAILABILITY: Places still available
DURATION: June 6-27, 2023; Tuesdays, 6-8pm CET
LOCATION: Online course
TUITION FEE: 175 €  (no equipment required)




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Commemorative writing/Emily Orley, courtesy the artist