Week 1: Performative writing

 We will discuss the notion of performative writing and look at two short readings together. This will be followed by series of brief and immediate performative writing tasks, based on a self-selected motif, which will then be shared and discussed as a group.

Week 2: Art and site writing

This session will begin with a brief introduction to the notion of site writing (as a form of art writing), followed by a discussion of the readings set last week. This will once again be followed by a site-based writing experiment, which will then be shared and the group will give each other feedback under my supervision.

Week 3: Autoethnographic/mystory writing

Having been given examples to read over the week, students will discuss the merits of this form of writing in relation to their own work or research. This will be followed by a series of structured tasks.

Week 4: Final week

For this week, students will be asked to develop one of the pieces of writing that they produced over the course so far to present in an inventive way (as a performance). There will be an extended feedback session, and we will discuss next steps for individual students and how they can develop what they have learnt so far.