ECC Performance Art is building a research and practice platform dedicated to performance art. Contrary to the emphasis on finished ‘products’ that dominates the art world, ECC Performance Art recognizes the need for exchange, input, and constructive criticism throughout the creative process – be it in the development of a piece of art, a research project, or a curatorial concept. With its ‘Research and Practice’ segment, ECC Performance Art therefore provides a place for students, lecturers, and non-ECC-affiliated performance artists and scholars to share and develop their work-in-progress with a group of like-minded people and experts in a protected environment.

ECC Performance Art invites in particular projects that investigate understudied aspects of the field such as marginalized practices and topics, underrepresented figures or regions, and other innovative interdisciplinary approaches to the field.

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Performance Works: Documenting Feminist Performance Art
Research Project, Anja Foerschner

This research project investigates the preparation, documentation, and archiving strategies employed by feminist artists in their ephemeral work. Using case studies ranging from the 1960s to the present day, it examines how the time- and site-specific experience of performance art is translated into physical material with sustainability and assesses in how far the study of archival material influences art historical scholarship and understanding of a given work. In doing so, it considers the “value” and meaning of material traces as secondary resources as compared to the physical execution. The project also assesses how documenting strategies are changing in relation to new technologies and media and what the implications are for the concept of the “archive”.

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The Mermaid Project
Performance Art Project, Marta Jovanovic

The Mermaid, Siren or Rusalka is a mythological creature half woman/half fish, a curious symbol of beauty and femininity. The scope of THE MERMAID PROJECT in its various performative iterations is to dismantle that symbol in order to question the standards of female beauty, seduction patterns and concepts of fertility.

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