On Curating Performance Art: Anja Foerschner (ECC Performance Art) in conversation with Fabrizio Pizzuto (Rome University of Fine Arts)




In this conversation, ECC Performance Art's director Anja Foerschner discusses the challenges and opportunities of curating performance art with Fabrizio Pizzuto, the coordinator of the Master's program in Art Curating and Management at Rome University of Fine Arts















We are proud to be part of the 2023 Venice International Performance Art Week! The VIII Venice International Performance Art Week presents DigiLabAir | Emergencies of the Contemporary, focusing on sustainable development as a fundamental principle of our societies. The DIGILABAIR exhibition comprises 24 performance-based video works, 15 of which were realised during digital art residencies hosted by the five project partners' European non-profit cultural associations.  ECC Performance Art's artists-in-residence are featured with their performance-based videos 'I cannot be silence(ed) anymore' (Kirsten Heshusius),  ''The Struggle for Visibility' (Noli Kat), and  'Mare Nostrum' (Chantal Spapens).  

EMERGENCIES OF THE CONTEMPORARY features a live performance program with internationally recognised and emerging performance artists addressing pressing issues such as marginalisation, poverty, climate emergency, migration, accessibility, social and gender equality, justice and peace. ECC Performance Art's director Anja Foerschner curated 'SOLA'', a performance by Marta Jovanovic that reflects on experiences of loneliness and isolation but also on solidarity and the hope that holds out against them.   

The Venice International Performance Art Week runs from December 15-17, 2023, at ECC's Palazzo Mora. 





ECC Performance Art is part of Digital Lab Artist-in-Residences (DigiLabAir), a Creative Europe-funded project that promotes inclusion, participation, and reflection through performance art and live art co-creation processes for new forms of creativity, artistic production, and audience engagement, realising an innovative model in hybrid (digital and live). The partnership involves six European cultural associations with strong territorial knowledge and anchoring in participatory co-creation processes to foster the development of a continuously growing audience. The project focuses on innovation, digitalisation and audience development through the organisation of five Digital Artist-in Residences led by project partners on social issues framed in the SDG Agenda. A key feature of the project is the implementation of PAV Performance Art Video, a digital platform operating with a video-on-demand strategy: video performance artworks produced during the digital artist-in-residences are disseminated online, promoting artists’ visibility and providing financial sustenance. DigiLabAiR aims to build an innovative, sustainable model using digital technology to support performance art and live art to respond creatively to the present crises. The resulting films are showcased in a public exhibition at the Venice International Performance Art Week on December 15-17, 2023 and become part of PAV. 


‚ÄčEntrAxis e.V. (Germany): On climate emergency, environment and political landscapes
Curated and mentored by Verena Stenke (VestAndPage)
With Petra Kuppers & Kym McDaniel (DE/US), Vicky Maier & Steef Kersbergen (DE/NL), Priiya Prethora (DE/IN)

Studio Contemporaneo (Venice): On migratory flux, forced displacement, sense of belonging, community and home
Curated and mentored by Andrea Pagnes (VestAndPage)
With Nicola Fornoni (IT), Matilde Sambo (IT), Sabrina Bellenzier (IT/GE)

G.A.P. Gathering Around Performance (Athens): On urban spaces, technological innovation and augmented realities              
Curated and mentored by Francesco Kiais
With Virginia Mastrogiannaki (GR), Yannis Pappas (GR/DE), Despina Zacharoupoulou (GR/UK)

G12 HUB (Belgrade): On feminism, queer theory and LGBTQI+ issues
Curated and mentored by Marta Jovanovic
With Kata Rankovic (RS), Sara Kostic (RS), Aleks Zain (RS)


ECC Performance Art's artists-in-residence working on the topic of Social Inclusion were Chantal Spapens, Noli Kat and Kirsten Heshusius.