Week 1: Introduction: The roots of political performance art in Latin America
In the introductory week, we will discuss the concept of the political repertoire in performance art in Latin America and, using each participant’s respective personal background, consider its manifestations in a global context. Next, we will make an exercise to explore it. Finally, we will discuss the duality between colonialism and decolonialism.


Assignment 1: following a colonialism/decolonialism prompt, develop a political action according to the reviewed topics. Document it through video/image/text/writing etc. and upload it to the ECC Performance Art Workroom.


Week 2: Performing the politics in the public space.

We will start this session discussing assignment 1. Next, we will review strategies used by Latin-American creators to perform political issues, including political violence since the 50s, racism, feminism, colonialism, inequality, and migrations, mainly in public spaces. Therefore, we will introduce protest and other intervention strategies in the public space, ranging from the direct action to more poetic possibilities.


Assignment 2: plan a strategy for political performance in the public space, according to a given prompt.


Week 3: Ritualism, satire, cabaret, and the personal as political.

The session starts with a review and conversation about assignment 2. Then, we will explore ritualism, satire and cabaret as strategies to perform in the political arena. This includes a discussion about how the personal and the political interact. Then, we will make a practical exercise to explore those topics.


Assignment 3: develop your own political (neo)ritual or (neo)altar. Share it live during next week.


Week 4: Future perspectives for Latin-American political performance art.

We will start the final week sharing and discussing assignment 3. Then, we will focus our attention on recent courses of action in political performance art from Latin-America, including post-porn, workshops as performance art, sound, and digital possibilities. Finally, the last proposed exercise will motivate participants to select and explore more deeply one of the reviewed strategies during the course.