‘Rules of the Game’:
an Introduction to Task-based Performance and Art

                                                                                                                                                      with Abigail Conway

Course Description

The French conceptual artist Sophie Calle, whose projects are often led by her ‘rules of the game’ (a set of predetermined instructions), suggests that abiding by rules is ‘restful [and] a way of not to have to think – just be trapped in a game and follow it.’ Rule structures, directives and instructions restrain the artist’s choice and potentially bring something unforeseen and unpredictable to the creative process. The focus of this course is the critical and practical consideration of these creative constraints as we examine the practice of using task-led activities as a means to conceive and compose performance. Weekly discussions and practical experiments are informed by selected critical reading and examples of case study artists. Each participant will be invited and guided to make weekly performance responses to the material in their own time, and these responses will be uploaded to the ECC Performance Art Workroom, a virtual classroom where they are accessible to the course participants and discussed in class. Participants will gain a critically and creatively informed understanding of the practical philosophies that underpin task-based performance art.


About Abigail Conway


Abigail Conway is a live artist who works with material objects, craft and actions to create playful site-specific installations and immersive encounters for audiences. Her work crosses many disciplines, including sound and video design, music technology, nature, architecture and performance. Her environments offer a space for dialogue, community, and contemplation.
Abigail’s work has been presented in galleries and theatres and showcased by the British Council. Nationally it has presented at the: ICA, Battersea Arts Centre, Southbank Centre, The Barbican, The National, Forest Fringe, The Wellcome Collection, Attenborough Centre for Contemporary Arts, Latitude and Summerhall. Internationally her work has toured Europe, China, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Canada and USA.
Abigail is an Associate lecturer at Goldsmiths University. Abigail’s research focuses on instruction led performance and the politics surrounding participatory arts. Her practice as an artist is centred around a methodology called, The Hobby project.
For more info visit abigailconway.com



AVAILABILITY: Places still available
DURATION: September 3-24, 2024; Tuesdays 6-8PM CET
LOCATION: Online course
TUITION FEE: 175 €  (no equipment required)





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