Day 1: August 24, 4-8pm CET Live Session

-Introductions and work presentation

-Theory: Brief Introduction to History of Performance Art in Serbia

-Practical Experiment/Live Performances

-Presentation and Discussion

Assignment: Vow of Silence exercise; research assignment


Day 2: August 258,  4-8pm CET Live Session

-discussion of Vow of Silence

-Theory: Key performance artists, works, festivals in former Yugoslavia/present day Serbia

Assignment: Night watch exercise

one-on-one sessions


Day 3: August 26,  4-8pm CET Live Session

-discussion of Night Watch

-performance response to experience

Assignment: Fasting exercise

one-on-one sessions


Day 4: August 27,  4-8pm CET Live Session

-discussion of Fasting exercise

-theory: performance art archives and documentation

-ad hoc performances

one-on-one sessions


Day 5: August 28,   4-8pm CET Live Session

-live performances